Memo to “The Burrow” visitors

Now that the clever ‘powers that they think they are’ have extricated the website from my grasp and probably think they have had a win, I just gotta say, what a bunch of dumbass fuckwits you are….as you can see, I STILL have control over your page and when you come here you will see my personal message to you all and that quite simply is, ‘GO FUCK YOURSELVES YOU SPASTIC WACO FUCKWITS!!!!’…..let the fun begin assholes!!!!!!!397759_10200167581212986_147443306_nThe WACO creed

oh yeah, I forgot to mention, too bad about the burrow forum you sad fucks!!!!!

(1) Banggarru Wear

(1) Banggarru Wear.

They Call Them Waco’s!!!!

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